Heniversary Hen do

01 Nov The Importance of Me Time

I often find that these sorts of articles start off with how much people just love being parents, it’s fantastic, it’s so brilliant, their kids are so great yaddayaddayadda before launching into “but you still need time for you!” They then go on to list the virtues of a nice bath, a coffee, a date night.

Sod that, I want a holiday.

Being a parent, and a partner can be completely draining. You’re knackered most of the time, trying to do a bazillion things at once. Tearing your hair out over the mount Everest pile of washing on your floordrobe. School run chaos. Work taking up every spare minute.

So, back to that holiday. I don’t mean a family holiday, I mean a YOU holiday. Remember you? That person you used to be before marriage and kids life squashed you a bit? Remember those strange other people…your friends? Remember your hen or stag party before you got married? I bet that was fun. Why not have another one of those? A Heniversary / Stagiversary!

For me personally, the time that I spend with my friends is so, so important to my sense of self. They are the ones who know the real me, in and out. Not the wife or mother bits, which are merely facets of who I actually am. They are the people who remind me that I’m a whole person, and that I need to be that whole person to keep me happy (and sane, quite frankly)

My own Hen Weekend was bl**dy awesome – a weekend in sunny Barcelona, with sight seeing, sunbathing, shopping and being dressed up like a twit and getting shamed by drag queens. It was genuinely one of the best weekends of my life, surrounded by the people I like best.

Spending any sort of time with my friends is one of my very favourite things to do, but with time being precious (and full of washing) then being able to organise all your mates and their ideas in one place, or even having a bespoke time crafted for you to meet any budget for a day, weekend or longer is beyond brilliant. Heniversay / Stagiversary looks to do just that – offer up brilliant ideas and organisation on a plate, all you need to do is find the time!

And do you know what the best thing about a Heniversary / Stagiversary is? Your mates don’t get to dress you up like an idiot – maybe it’s time to get your revenge!

Author: Sarah Lawton, @themumzilla