JamesHopes_Stagiversary 2
11 Dec
Some top ideas to inspire you!

I loved my stag do. Admittedly it was 7 years ago and I was significantly less physically and mentally exhausted than I am...

Heniversary Hen do
01 Nov
The Importance of Me Time

I often find that these sorts of articles start off with how much people just love being parents, it's fantastic, it's so brilliant,...

The Interview 1
15 Sep
The Interview … and mens underwear

In this interview, Lisa from M.S Media talks to John Whitby, Director and Founder of Stagiversary™ and Heniversary™. John let’s talk a bit more...

27 Jul
Events Exclusive to Heniversary

They say a change is as good as a rest don’t they? Here at Heniversary : Stagiversary we’re always on the lookout for...

One life Live it photo
23 Jun
One Life : Live it

I love this statement as we’ll blink and it will be all over. Life moves fast, it really does, especially since getting married and...

21 Mar
Time to Refuel

Isn’t it good to stop and take time to refuel? For me this is about making that choice to stop...